Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back when I had a camera...

This is a miscellaneous post, but I thought I'd show off some random stuff. Mostly because I'm in blog-withdrawal. Our new pediatrician is a nice old dude. Isaac takes advantage of this by milking every single "prize" he can get. Pencils, suckers and stickers (he's sporting three on his AC/DC shirt) are what he politely demands for in exchange for he and Noah receiving flu shots.
Noah LOVES baths. He just splashes and splashes. Little splashes are cute. Isaac doesn't know how to do little splashes yet....

Isaac decided to eat his PB&J at his "kitchen"

Noah is... TROGDOR! a swing.

Some of our best new friends here. Only the girls would pose. Josh and Isaac are far too preoccupied with their incredible imaginations. Unfortunately, Isaac will be the only Sunbeam next year.
Isaac is obsessed with his friend, Ryley, lately. When we all went around the table on Thanksgiving to say what we were thankful for, Isaac said without hesitation, "I'm thankful for Ryley." She was sitting next to him; all the parents "awww"ed.

Noah just had his first haircut. I'm not sure why it looks like there's horns on his head(?). I recall that he cried through the entire ordeal.

Isaac using the boppy to "nurse."

No, I do NOT put mascara on my baby boy. That's boy. Eat your hearts out, ladies: it's a Laney BOY thing!

Do you not want to eat this cutie pie? I do.

When Ryan & Carrie came, they wanted to go to Arlington on Veteran's Day. This was an excellent idea. It was a beautiful day, the holiday made it very appropriate...and Isaac's shoe caught on my camera strap right after this picture was taken (crash, no more pictures).


Laurel said...

Cute post! I love all the Isaac funnies, too. Hilarious. And I hear ya on the splashing thing. I need a wetsuit when Dallin's in the tub.

Bob And Tiffany said...

Gotta love the Laney boy lashes! Noah will forever have girls jealous of them. :)

Your kids are growing up so fast! I love the Issascisms! Especially the one about cheese! Cheese is always good, even if its colder than the wind!

summershine said...

Noah has the most gorgeous eyes and lashes! The girls are gonna be after him before too long.

Danielle said...

Hey, I just found your blog and wanted to say hi!