Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mornings at Our House


Laurel said... looks pretty low-key!! ;) And is that sun shining in the window?! Luckeeeeey.

Jared and Laurel said...

Okay, so I have to be honest. The top video is pretty rare. Usually Isaac climbs into bed with me, and Noah does too. And the bottom video is a lot darker than it was on the camera; sorry. It's Isaac doing some tricky "clockwork" around and around the playpen.

Sunnysupra said...

Ashton and I enjoyed watching the morning video very much again and again, so funny- esp. when Noah breathes hard at the camera and Isaac crashes back down to sleep- we loved it! Ashton can't believe Noah's walking now! Love and miss you guys! Found my blog its- ashtonjamesloader been a few years since i've put anything on it, but-still darling.