Monday, February 15, 2010

My Utter Silliness

Yes, I know she doesn't care yet. But she will. Besides, everyone else got one (even the neighbors)!
On another note, we've discovered balloon swords are awesome. And now we have a bunch of balloons and a pump and directions...and Isaac and Noah are in heaven. Who knew that would be such an ingenious V Day gift?
Oh, and yes, I am this big. Actually, bigger. A guy at work yesterday asked me if I was having twins and even added "it look like it...." Three more months to go!


cheyney webb said...

TOOO much snow. Did Jared shovel your walk way? You hardly look pregnant, I would need a lateral view.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, I laughed my head off at the blast off- had no idea what was going to happen :) Well done, Jared.
Agreed with the above, my love! Your coworker is a motard... :)
But yes, Ellie will love this later! I am soooo excited and love you SOOOOOOO much!

Trace Gibson said...

I just love her name...why didn't I think of that before you? There's a little girl in my ward named Eleanor (her mom always comes to my aerobics class) & I just love saying her name over & over. How lovely that name is.