Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm still making my way back in time. Since this blog will eventually be made into a book, it's only fair that I cover the biggies for us.

Isaac's birthday party back in November
He had a bunch of new friends join us on a beautiful day at the neighborhood park for "Boot Camp." It was crazy fun, not just because the kids ran wild through all the games and contests in the obstacle course, but also because it's been a while since Isaac's had so much to-do for a party. I think the presents were the most overwhelming part, but he didn't mind. :)

Again, I love his face when everyone's singing to him! Jared had fun playing while decorating the cake. Isaac may look dirty, but it's his camo paint. I think our birthday present to him that day was not doing his hair. You're welcome, pal!

Isaac's creativity unlockedSchool (pre-K) has been great for Isaac. In addition to his learning things I thought I'd already taught him, he's finally doing crafty things there! I'm not too keen on keeping every scrap of paper he comes home with, but we try to take a picture with him each week holding his creations. These are from December. If you look closely, you'll notice the gingerbread man has four arms and a strange candy loincloth...and Rudolph's nose is green and his mouth is tied closed with a bow.

Getting excited about Christmas

Grandma Toni did the Twelve Cards of Christmas for the boys, which they loved. Each one had a different message and usually was accompanied by a certain special something.

Isaac's not the only one coming home with crafts (thank you, Nursery)!

And nobody can pull off Christmas socks that are 8 times too big for him like Noah!

The Night Before Christmas
Too bad we didn't get digital copies of our awesome rendition of the nativity with the Smiths (Noah was the best little sheepie), but we had a lot of fun with them. Then we came home and opened the traditional one present each. Noah's was this awesome hat and some crazy light up shoes that he couldn't stop running around in and exclaiming about. He was so very happy. He even slept in them.

Isaac had to set up his new racetrack right away. We had a lot of fun playing before bed. Needless to say, it was a late night.

Christmas Morning
Yes- we had one, too!

Noah and the shoes

We again got spoilt for Christmas! Nothing unusual about these pictures--except that we're in a new place with an extra babe. Just good times, good memories, and fun stuff.

Isaac and his new hat as well as a CTR ring

It was also fun to see Ellie dig in. (You all know you love my pajamas in every picture...almost as good as Jared's argyles with basketball shorts...).

Noah had to put on his new uniform immediately.

Noah got this awesome Curious George collection with CD and Isaac was in heaven! This is what we found the next morning instead of the usual shouting and pretending. It was silent, except the CD player.


Laurel said...

My boys hate HATE having their hair done. I've stopped caring. (Okay, not really, but that's what I tell them....)

I love all the cute/funny things your kids do--they are such characters. Sure wish we lived closer!

Trace Gibson said...

We love our Curious George book & CDs too! And don't knock the jammies! I have a feeling a super-cool sister gave them to you! ;-)

Sunnysupra said...

How darling! What a cute bunch you all are. Love Noah with his light up shoes- so cute and I'm digging the pj's actually. xoxo

mama laney said...

Love all the Christmas pics...the boys are so handsome in their camo outfits!! And Isaac's BD cake....what a hoot! Looks like he had a great time. Thanks for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh La, you're the best! I think your description of Isaac's artwork is my favorite with t he tied up mouth, four arms and candy loincloth! I miss my Laneys!

Anonymous said...