Friday, June 7, 2013

Kids Run 2013

Once again, Isaac and Noah participated in Lackland's Kids Run. It's free and it's a good time!

 Running to the track
 Ellie thought she was going to be in the race, too.
 Still, she was a great supporter/spectator.
 Getting on the bibs. They both decided to wear their race shirts after all, so the bibs did a lot of adjusting. So did our eyes! It was hard to find them when they matched everyone else.
 Isaac already had a battle wound from a recent bike accident.
 Warming up

 Game faces
 So serious
 Jumping jacks

 And they're ready.

 Ready and waiting.

 Noah does straight arms when he's in "turbo mode."

  Cheer squad of 2


Next year she'll race, too!

 I love Noah's face. It reminds me of Dick Van Dyke when he's laughing while trying to look sad with Uncle Albert on Mary Poppins.

Of course, it's tradition to try the the long jump sand pit afterward.
 The three sibs

Three tired kiddos. There was a shin-dig at the BX parking lot afterward, where we stayed and partook of free stuff/food/drinks. By the time we got in that car, we were all spent.

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Noelle Maes said...

Heck YES! 'Cause that's just what the Laneys do! :) Nice job, boys! Can't wait to see Ellie in the mix next year.