Thursday, September 17, 2015

Little I and His Trauma

There's no question that Isaac's a special guy. I thought this picture exemplified that (He let his siblings decorate him with stickers all the way home from the Lindgrens').

 But the poor guy gets hurt so much! Remember that head-and-door incident in 2nd grade? 
Well, one morning when he and his brother were supposedly "cleaning their room," his teeth came into contact with a giant water-squirting toy. It slipped and broke two teeth in half!
Since then, he has had more appointments with Dr. Vaughn than I can count (bless you, Doctor)! The teeth have been reattached, broken off, swallowed in his sleep, reattached with synthetics, and broken and/or lost some more. Once we waited so long to go back that Isaac had a deep infection that required a root canal.
I have to say, he is one of the bravest kids I know. He hardly complains of pain, even with stuff I consider fairly significant trauma. Here's my brave boy at a swim meet, where he'd beaten a personal record:
This was the year he kept getting a head wound reopened by the kids accidentally kicking him at swim practice. Poor fella! I love you, Isaac.

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Dane said...

That is ONE TOUGH COOKIE!!!! We are so proud of you, Isaac! Love that kid.