Thursday, October 15, 2015

Puking and Pupils

So, around July 2014 I was in the best shape of my life. I had a running group plus I would go to Easy Fit to train 2-4 times a week. It was awesome. And I felt great. I knew I would be pregnant soon and I thought it was going to be my best pregnancy yet.

I was wrong.

Around August I suddenly got very sick. Like, "oh, I'm shopping. Now I'm puking! I'm so glad I just took Noah to the bathroom here because I know where the water fountain is. Yikes, this is embarrassing!" I spent many daylight hours on the porch trying to not smell anything and eat something that would stay down (and also to warm up and stop the shaking I had from frequent vomiting). I spent even more on the couch trying to listen and be a part of the family during meals, play time, scriptures and FHEs. Sometimes I remember what it was like and I shudder.

Luckily, I had wonderful support from my husband, who took the kids places and spent time with them as much as he could.
I wasn't able to see Isaac off on his first day of 3rd grade, but Jared sent him. Sadly, there are no pictures to document this event.

Then Jared took Noah for his first PE class-- a bike ride! I stayed home and languished miserably inside right after I took these pictures.

The first day of school for Ellie was several days later and I was able to drop her at her new preschool with Ms. Yvonne! She was so excited and today she still talks about how she misses it there.

And to make up for Isaac's first day of school being missed, here's some evidence of his awesomeness from August 9, 2014 when he had an entire menu planned, a table set, and even dressed the part of breakfast waiter and cook. It was adorable.

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