Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christmas Break 2014 Pt 1

We always enjoy the good times that come with being out of school! The Christmas break of '14 wasn't fully documented with photos, but here are a few things we did:
Gingerbread Houses
Ellie's sweet preschool teacher sent a lovely gingerbread house kit home with each of her students. I might just be categorized as a "bad mom" for the bare fact that I've never purchased such a product, nor engaged in this specific activity--which is, to many, a necessary winter tradition--with my children. So we did it together. I told myself I'd never do such a project again, especially with kids...but what I tell myself is irrelevant after about a week anyway.
Posing with the Edible Masterpiece...and Isaac by his school-made penguin and birdfeeder.

Six Flags
We finally got Six Flags Passes! Pregnant people can only watch at most amusement parks (I had to hide my belly with my purse on the pedestrian train ride!), so that's what I did. And I snapped a few pictures.

Perhaps it's because I'm blogging over a year after this happened, but I don't remember going shopping on Christmas Eve. Apparently we did. And Ellie really wanted me to get this picture of her with this new, hip, adoptive family she met.


Noelle Maes said...

Ah ha ha ha! I love this post! Ellie's family looks so chic. It's so hard to compete... ;)

mama laney said...

I think she fits right in and looks very much at home, lol...