Thursday, July 28, 2016

2015 Summer in Texas

After Isaac gave his final GT presentation on this tiger,
We could all relax and let loose a little

Take time to dress up, take a selfie, pretend and put on a puppet show
 Summer has begun!

With some glorious mornings
There were days spent at the pool. 

These were our last swimming lessons with our Beloved Bailey before she headed off to college, and now, a mission (Japan)! Her mom is my favorite. It was so great to catch up with their wonderful family. And having a sweet, sleepy baby made these days by the pool kind of heavenly! The boys were having too much fun to catch on camera.
There were days at doctors' offices...
 Ellie had to have her eyes checked after an accidental poke in the eye during a car ride with Noah. I thought she did awesome! And her tears glowed in the dark afterward.

We even had our own picnic at the park, to shake things up.

Tubing on the Medina River in Bandera with friends was a highlight

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