Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Quest to do it ALL

Kangaroo Zoo with Rachel, Tanner and Benjamin

Hiking with Mom, Bobbie & Ashton

Huge columbine!

Barbeque with the Staffords (such a cute family!)

Lunch with Carina and Amy (and Jenna the next day!) with their babies
Looks like Noah is distracting his peers.
Madeleine, Joshua and Noah were all born within a month of each other.
The Moab Day Trip Experience. Complete with: silly Isaac,
the hottest time of day,
Balanced Rock,
and a hike to Delicate Arch.
In my 13 years of living in Utah, I had never been here!

We learned a lot, including this equation:
1.5 mile hike up + 1 baby backpack + 1 little dude + oven-like heat + sand in your shoes + 1.5 mile hike back= what feels like a 10 mile hike
We might have been the only Americans there; we're not sure.
Petroglyphs were on our "must see" list
Isaac is saying "boo!" from behind the sign. After the hike, we bagged our plans to run and skipped to swimming in the Colorado River.
An excellent place for an echo What a beautiful place this whole area is!
We even got to watch Peter Breinholt after dinner! He was right there putting on a concert for Raft for the Cure. This made my night.

Up to Kamas, Utah the very next day. Sitting under those trees with everyone, I had to wonder: when will we be up this way again?
The Jackson Sibling Hug
The sandbox and Tanner were, of course, Isaac's favorite parts.Gorgeous Kamas sunset


John, Jamie & the Little Ones... said...

You're such a fun mom! I love the idea of going on a hike... but just the idea of it, lol. I'm going to blame it on my pregnancy. (yep, I'll milk that excuse as long as I can, lol) Looks like you guys are having so much fun. Your boys will have the best memories!

Wendy said...

You really are doing it all! Good for you guys. Looks like fun.

Laura said...

I thought your blog would be a safe one for me to look at and not miss Grand Junction....I was wrong-we totally would have met you in Moab if we still lived in CO-don't tell Jared but we think Colorado is a lot cooler than CA! It looks like you guys are having a great summer-and I have heard rumors that you guys are heading down this way-is this true or did my mom make me excited for nothing?

Trace Gibson said...

Wow, what a busy bunch you are! So awesome how you're taking advantage of lots of Utah perks before you move. I like your hat...looks like something Bret Michaels would wear over a bandana. We miss you guys!

Laurel said...

That looks like so much fun! We wanted to visit those parks before we left, but we never made it. :( W'ell just have to make another trip down there!

Erin said...


Laurel looks pretty hot in that hat at arches, doesn't she? Beautiful scenery.