Sunday, June 14, 2009

Four Peas

Well, we got some visitors early in June--the Maxfields! We were so glad to see them. Laurel & I have a lot in common: we grew up in the same area in the South (unknowingly), we have the same first and middle names, we served in the Primary together, we were pregnant at the same time TWICE, and now we have two boys each. We moved to the opposite sides of the country last year, so it was a real treat to see them again. The boys warmed up to each other and had a great time!

I love Dallin's face: Tooth brush buddies

Time to learn to share, boys.
Isaac was in heaven
Check out all the air they caught just before bedtime

We only wish we could have seen them more than just the one night! Thanks for coming, guys...sorry about the mice, the messy kitchen and my general "I just got off a treadmill" appearance!


Laurel said...

I thought the kiddos played so well together. Too bad we don't live closer so they could be buds. You got some good shots! (Mind if I steal a few??) :) Thanks again for letting us stay! Everything was wonderful!

gurrbonzo said...

Oh, they are cute! What fun boys and friends.

WHERE ARE YOU MOVING!? What's going on! I am perusing for updates to no avail. Fill me in! Fill me in!

Trace Gibson said...

I am in LOOOOVE with that awesome picture of you two at the top! How many feelings of nostalgia come seeing Uncle Frank's house and pool, and it looks so pretty, and you guys are such a handsome couple! I can't read the subtitle under the heading though--what's it say? "Something? something?___ this...Jared-Laurel thing." I'm also so impressed with the side of your blog--how you have pictures of your cute boys with their nicknames and their little sayings/isms. I should follow your lead. I love you guys!