Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Days of May's Passing Craze

Obviously, I blog in bulk now. Sorry everyone, but a month produces a lot of pictures.
I can't pass up bragging about the hundreds of blooms in the flowers my mom sent me on Mother's Day. This picture does not describe how wonderful they were, for weeks!

Of course, we had lots of pirates to deal with. Nothing unusual there.
We spent some time with friends while we solicited donations for a 5k we're hosting for the youth in church.

These guys are pals.

It was a good deal of walking/running: to the harbor, around the harbor, Camden Yards, back to the car. These little monkeys slept well that night. Their kids did, too.
And at home, Noah is always interested in what the older kids are up to. Today, it's doctor stuff.
Issac made some puppets at a church activity ("Building My Family") in which Noah is blue in the face, Mom is the freaky witch, Dad is Batman and Isaac is black. Unfortunately, these puppets have already been altered quite a bit since.
Isaac, however, has not. Not recently.
We had a fun family home evening at a park we'd never been to. I might just return with my rollerblades....

A KFC picnic with the first order of family business. And of course, the soccer ball was well-attended to. Noah's a big fan.

With the help of School House Rock, we learned about the Constitution.
Then we walked in the woods.

Preparing for the 5k: this is the trail we'll be on. Isaac got a lot of practice that day. We came back the next day to measure/mark the trail. While we were there, we met someone who would significantly affect our lives (more about that later). It's really close to Pennsylvania. So where did we go? To Hershey, of course!
Where the lamp posts are kisses and the roads have names like "Chocolate Ave"
Isaac's giving a different kind of kiss to Noah (because we told him to). I think they'd both prefer the chocolate kind. The singing cows on the "tour" are lots of fun, but the cute little Noah on the bench outside the factory came out much better, so this is our Hershey experience.
Hershey has a restaurant named after our son. You can tell he's proud.
Life here is always filled with knight adventures in stroller rockets.
This is the only picture I took at the place--and the reason I took it is obvious--but this is going to be our porch in less than a month (excitement!). The guy we met on the trail? He will be our landlord and only neighbor for miles. Woohoo, we get to learn how to watch the sheep and everything! More to come, I promise.
After looking at the house, we had a picnic at a nice spot in Gunpowder State Park not far away.
Port Discovery--
It is one of the nation's top five children's museums, so when we heard there'd be a $6 day, we had to go. Noah was especially found of the soccer ball, throwing ALL the potatoes out of their beds (farming's in his blood, what can we say?), getting wet and having fun. Isaac had such a great time that he begs to go back on a daily, no, an hourly basis.
We learned about all kinds of old stuff (the Egyptian exhibit was very cool)
And new stuff

We left happy. We had an early dinner at Five Guys' and left even happier. The Harbor is fun. It took about five minutes in the car to produce the following:


Carina said...

So wait, you're getting a house? That's awesome! Please give more details!

Love the pictures. It looks like Noah and Isaac really get along, which is so sweet to see. I can't wait to see what kind of big brother Joshua is going to be...

We miss you! I'm glad you're having such a good time out west!

Bob And Tiffany said...

Congrats on the new house, and looks like you guys have lots of fun!

Trace Gibson said...

What's up with Isaac's new girlfriend? Geez, better watch that one!!! ha ha

Trace Gibson said...

Every time I look there's more to read and see and take in... You gotta break it up so I can comment on everything, otherwise my frail brain forgets what I want to say! I'm just like our mother!!!!