Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Crazy Camping Trip

In July we went to the pageant in Palmyra. It was a quick, fun, challenging, fulfilling trip. We set up camp and headed to the show. I didn't bring the camera, but the pageant was awesome. After seeing the Manti Pageant, I wasn't expecting anything too great, but it was very impressive. Isaac kept saying, "this is so cool!" whenever he recognized a story. Noah said things like, "Did Jesus drink his cup all gone?" Ellie watched almost the whole thing, skipping her evening nap altogether. You know those effects are special!

I hadn't been camping in a decade, so it was interesting to go again. With kids. I decided I like hotels and was glad we'd only be there one night....

I can't believe we thought we could all fit in this itty-bitty tent! It was rather crowded, to say the least.

Mud River rose considerably during the night from all the previous day's rain, so we had to watch the kiddos closely as we packed up to go.

Watch out for the 'skeeters! Wet wood, muddy table, but grateful for yummy yogurt.

Isaac had a good time.

Of course the sticks were their favorite part.

Little Lady was a very good sport. She slept through the night very peacefully, unlike some of us.

Packing up after a dirty, mostly-sleepless night. We went for the Church History sites the following day.

Up we go.

Some unfriendly-looking types on the footpath

There's a smile!

It's a pretty little hike to the top.

Noah gets some inspiration...

He feels the Spirit!

A view from the top of the Hill Cumorah. You can see the fantastical stage. The green area is the audience's seating.

Going down again....

There were tears on this trip, believe it or not.

The coolest thing about the Smith Family Farm tour? These are the original bricks under which Joseph hid the plates at one point.

Path to the Sacred Grove

Walking through these woods together was the closest thing we could possibly have to being in the temple with our little family. It was very cool, very undeniable, almost tangible.

Taking a rest after a long walk. There are a lot of paths to take there!

Isaac's excited to be in front of the Grandin building, where his parents were engaged by interesting tours while being simultaneously mortified by their children. Wise, old missionary couples had tootsie rolls and that helped for about 2 minutes at a time. Then Noah interrupted a testimony with "ribbit-ribbit, hop! hop!"

The boys were getting restless of sightseeing by now.

Isaac at the Peter Whitmer Farm

Noah has to do it, too.

Then we drove home; I had a renewed appreciation for that place (home), let me tell you!


Wendy said...

Awesome! You are my heroes for camping with three kids. Looks like an amazing trip.

Bob and Tiffany said...

I am jealous now. Sounds like y'all had fun!

Laurel said...

My parents took me to Cumorah as a kid and it was so awesome! I can't wait to take my boys.

And I am cracking up about that tent! Props to you for camping, not only with kids, but in some serious summer humidity.

gurrbonzo said...


A. your family is adorable.

B. That's my mission! I'm so jealous I could explode.

Carina said...

How fun! That must be awesome to live back east and so close to all that early church history stuff. I went to a lot of it when I was 14, but some places weren't open (like the Joseph Smith farm--the land had just been bought but the cabin hadn't been re-erected yet, and the Grandin store was closed for renovation). I'm glad you can go with your family :)

cheyney webb said...

What an amazing trip! That is so cool that you got to see all of the sites and camp with 3 kids and an infant no less. Ya'll are TOUGH! I am wondering what your plans are now that Jared is done with school. I want to send you a birth announcement and was wondering if you have a new address?
much love,