Thursday, August 5, 2010

Way Back in July

So...I went to the beach and the camera didn't make it back fully functional. Yikes, this is camera #2 in our days of poverty. Sorry, Jared!

But, to keep my promise of more posts, here's what we looked like last month.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed dressing up for the Fourth.

We celebrated with the Shannahans and had us a ball.

We discovered that snakes aren't the most exciting fireworks. But the type of firework we brought was apparently too exciting for Noah and he started screaming like a mad man. Snakes had suited him just fine, although it was widely agreed that it was about like watching dog poo catch on fire.

My little lady was, of course, the life of the party.

And Isaac & Noah had a great time playing with all the other kids.


Laurel said...

I love their cute little outfits. And Ellie is such a doll! Dog poo fireworks were plenty for Landon-- he was not a fan of the big booms. :)

joanie fairbank said...

So funny! Firework excitement is a bit too much for James too. The kids all looked so cute....sorry about the camera...

Anonymous said...

Ah! Ellie is so gorgeous!- and BIG already! Curse you Laneys and your growth with the passage of time...Why, by the time I come and see you guys she'll be running around... you know, dating boys, driving cars... :)
Oh, and I LOVE Isaac's cowboy outfit & Noah's tourist look.

amberie said...

Ellie is the prettiest little thing! Is it weird to say that she has great eyebrows?