Friday, May 13, 2016

Baby Numero Cuatro

I knew when the baby was coming. I just did. I spent Saturday cleaning the house the best I could because I knew it would be a while before I could do it again. I went to bed, knowing I'd promptly start active labor (and Braxton-Hicks had been going on for days). I promptly did. That very day, my sweet friend had been inspired to offer herself as a babysitter if anything should happen in the night. So I took her up on the offer! And off we went to the hospital.

It still took longer than I expected; I'm not much of a night owl, so I was tired by the end! In fact, I was a little more than annoyed at everyone's serenity when I had a baby seemingly stuck in the birth canal; it just didn't seem right and I jokingly begged for someone to grab her by the hair and help a mother out. But, it was overall a good experience--what with mantras, essential oils, pressure points, etc., from the hubberooski...who, incidentally, should probably be awarded an honorary doula certificate. He's a good guy.
She had all sevens on the scale and we both fell instantly in love with her. She didn't cry at first, but she made up for it right away.

Those first moments are so special. We were exceedingly blessed that she came on a day when Jared didn't work so he could be with me the whole time; and especially that our friends were able to help with the kids, getting them to church, etc.
The sweetest thing was having the kids all meet the new baby. I've never seen so much love in one room filled with just my little family! Unforgettable.

Over a year later, this sweet baby is the only one immune to any wrath/jealousy/negativity that may come up in one of her siblings. They still love her so much. What a blessing!


Noelle Maes said...

For some reason I got choked up reading this post. It's so cool to see how close to heaven you get with these little ones- even when you're a seasoned veteran parent. You guys are so cool and I love seeing these pictures of the kids gathered around her again.

mama laney said...

It is still so amazing to me, how much love one little gal can bring into your family! What a special, sweet spirit she is. Love catching up on all your blog posts! Need to see a picture of little N on your sidebar along with the rest, lol...