Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last Days of Just Three

I have to back up a little. I was looking through some pictures that I just can't leave out.

Two weeks before the baby was born, we enjoyed a picnic at the park.

Ellie falling asleep in the car has been a rarity for years. It helped for her to be the only kid in the car.

We had a fun visit from the Fields in March. Nile and Isaac were baby buddies. All three Fields and all three Laneys had a great time; however, this is the only picture I took.

Fun times at Six Flags together

See that worried look on Isaac's face? At the last minute, he tried to chicken out. Ellie couldn't go alone, so that wasn't allowed.
They were just getting started. Isaac still managed a smile.

This is what happens when you allow kids to wash the car and they do more harm than good: you send them to wash the trampoline!
These crazies on St. Patrick's Day--so much fun!

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