Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Having Daddy Home

"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...!"

Jared had the job in El Paso from September to February; he came to visit a handful of times and we loved it. Then he had a few out-of-town weeks here and there. We have learned to take advantage of Daddy when he's home because now (May-July), he's working in Nevada! Here are some of the memories we were able to make while he was with us:

The Toilet Seat Museum
This San Antonio treasure will not be around forever. The owner is quite spry for his age, but...he's getting up there. See it while you can; there's nothing like it!

Palmetto State Park
Never expect to sleep during a family camp-out--that's my new motto. If I have low expectations, it's more fun. Also: babies need their own sleeping bags. Some day we'll get it right! It's been quite a while since I've been camping, so I'll count this as a win.
Sleepy baby and mommy; beautiful scenery while they slept!
Starting our hike after breaking camp

Palmettos are not typically found in this part of the country, but this are's unique (for Texas) geography make all kinds of animal and plant life possible here. It was fun to learn all about it on the hike.

After our Palmetto adventures, we were hungry for some pizza and then some history, so we headed to historic Gonzales, just 20 minutes away.

This is where the "come and take it" cannon is. We had been wanted to make this trip since we heard about the cannon during our first visit to the Alamo. It was actually lost for a hundred years because the guys who buried it were killed in battle soon afterward. The whole story is fascinating, from before they even had to say "come and take it!" to the mail man who stored it in the post office for years....
The museum was fascinating for each of us to visit. So much cool old stuff! History is awesome.
Look closely for the puncture from the Mexican army to render the cannon useless
 San Antonio Rodeo
The San Antonio Rodeo is always fun to visit, and we finally got Jared to go!
There was more than enough to count this field trip as an educational day, but our favorite part may have been the petting zoo. Sorry, no pictures. But imagine a hundred adorable and varied soft and fuzzy animals of all sizes in one place with my kids--the ones who love animals but are deprived of having any of their own--loving every minute, sometimes pursuing, sometimes being pursued, brushing, petting and holding. It was so much fun to watch...and I got my animal fix in!

Road Trips: College Station, Bryan, Austin
 We took lots of road trips with Jared for track meets and house-hunting. Since we're moving to College Station for med school this year, we saw many many houses! We also looked around for good neighborhoods for running trails. And, of course, there were many restaurants to explore.

NCAA Indoor Track Championship
We were able to time one of our College Station trips to be when the NCAA Indoor Track Championship was held. We attended both days and got inspired for our own track season, which the kids were already training for. Natalie spent lots of time going up and down the bleachers, getting in trouble with the security guard for swinging on the stair rail, and she eventually learned how to get a back massage from Ellie.

George Bush Presidential Library  
Another great thing in College Station is the George Bush Presidential Library. We learned so much and really enjoyed it.

My sassy girls with the president
 The boys' favorite part had to do with the CIA phase of Bush's life.

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