Saturday, June 3, 2017

Roommate Reunions

You may remember that Wendy, my Freshmen roommate, moved with her family to San Antonio a couple of years ago. It was like a dream come true--one of my favoritest people from my long life, living in my same town [The same goes for Cheyney when she lived here, by the way]! Well, Wendy has now moved to Saudi Arabia and is having wonderful adventures in the dunes there. But, before she left, we were the recipients of some fantastic roommate visits and near-visits. 

First, Cami almost came. She was super close to making the trip, but she had a lot working against her: firstly, her husband was away, serving the country in the Air Force, so she'd be driving alone with four small kiddos; secondly, her kids needed a chance to spend time with their grandpa in California because his health was failing. So they went west instead of south. But we decided all the planning and anticipation were almost as good as a real visit. We love you, Cami! And we think you're amazing for even thinking of coming to see us!

Next, Carina came through San Antonio for a race in Houston--we are just that lucky!! What a beauty; am I right?! It was fantastic to see her and how much her boys have grown!
Then, Tammy came with Jeremy for a surprise visit! Those two are still just as much fun as ever--who does that without a mighty planning ahead powwow? The Ramptons! So, we didn't get to meet their beautiful children since this was a get-away weekend for them, but my kiddos got to bond with them and know the awesomeness of the Tammy & Jeremy phenomenon!
This was all within the period of a few weeks. We were wondering, isn't it Jenna's turn?? We might just have to pull a Rampton some day and show up in California....

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Bob said...

I second the California motion