Monday, December 10, 2007

It's that time again, everybody!

I've been saving up "Isaacan" quotes for weeks now and I'm busting to share them all. Well, we won't share them all; only the 'more appropriate' ones.
We have a top ten list, interspersed with a few random pictures of the kiddo:

10- "Happy Holidays!" This is one he randomly started saying...quite vehemently, I might add...and usually trying to get a word in edgewise while an adult conversation was attempting to take place.

9- "Not right now..." This is his new way of saying "I am in charge; it's not time for bed or prayer or whatever it is you just asked me if I wanted to do. Maybe later, but I'll probably protest then, too."

8-"Do you want a drink, Scooby-Doo?" He is trying to be polite to his sippy cup, which has a straw not to far from Scooby-Doo's mouth. It doesn't quite work, though, so that poor little doggy is still thirsty.

7-"He's saying a prayer." This is also a reference to that blessed cup. Scooby-Doo is holding a flashlight and looking down at it with a measure of trepidation. To Isaac, though, his hands are in prayer position, so that's all that matters.

6-"Thank you for the gospel." This is what his prayers are filled with. He will start to repeat what we tell him to say, but it just ends in "gospel," which is good to be thankful for, too. It's a start.

5-"Do you want to go under the blanket?" This is what I hear prior to finding a lump where our nativity scene used to be. It's a daily occurrence.They always end up under the red napkin. The smaller, more expendable scene (a.k.a.the dollar store set) will all fit in the candle that sits next to it. Isaac never forgets to put the lid on it after stuffing them in.
4-"Do you want me to hold you, Baby Jesus?" Again, the nativity scene. This is one I've only heard him say once, but I had to take note, just the same. I told Isaac that some day he may find himself asking Jesus the opposite question.

3-"'That's Elmo's World!' Remember that song?" These were some of the last things we heard Isaac say to himself as we left his room after putting him to bed last night. I think he talked to himself for over an hour.
2-"I like this song!" Everytime we hear a Christmas song he's heard before (which is just about all of them now), he gets so excited.
1-"This is not cool for me." I have to admit, this is one of my favorites. Maybe it's because I have no idea where he got it from. Maybe I just like that he can voice what's cool and what's not. For him.


Bob said...

You should really publish a book of Isaacan quotes. You'd make millions-of smiles.

That's cool-for us.

cheyney webb said...

So fun to read. I love the comments about holding baby Jesus. Yours and his. Thanks for sharing your tender and funny moments!

Trace Gibson said...

My favorite is asking if Scooby is thirsty...I'm hearing a mix of Isacc's cute voice and Adam Sandler's saying "Scoobidy Doo!" That kid is as funny as he is smart.