Sunday, December 2, 2007

A nutshell

Since I'm a slacker, this shot counts for both 34 and 35 weeks. I know you're all sorely disappointed. But it's official. January 8 is a-comin' soon.
So is Christmas. Isaac had a lot of fun helping decorate. What he doesn't understand is why he can't keep redecorating the Christmas tree while at the dinner table.

Sundays after church around here are usually quiet because we read the paper. Isaac has even taken up the comics.
So that's it. Our life in a nutshell. Today, at least.
Oh, and I can't forget the man behind the camera. He's the reason we have any peace around here. Yesterday he took Isaac to the office with him so I could get stuff done around the house. It was beautiful! Thanks, Jar.


Wendy said...

Wait,'re due in January? I thought you weren't due until February. You're so freaking skinny I guess it's hard to tell. Plus I guess I don't know what "33 weeks" means in terms of pregnancy. I am so unlearned in the ways of the world. Congratulations on being more pregnant than I thought. And also, Isaac is super cute. I'm glad you guys are continuing to procreate because the world needs more beautiful people. Are you going to be around Utah for Christmas?

Trace Gibson said...

Oh my...little Isaac reading his paper. Aren't you so glad you're getting another one of these soon? I know, I can't believe it's like TOMORROW! What can I do to help "babyify" your house and make you feel more peace and preparedness? How am I NEVER able to help you guys??? Please, let me.

amberie said...

Ooo, look at the pretty Laurel.
I'm just popping in to check the level of cuteness in the Laney house...*scholarly squint*...yes. Cuteness levels steadily increasing, as you can see in the bar graph. I will review this with my colleagues and publish a big ol' long paper entitled "Aaaawwww...!"