Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Misc. Post

So we spent Thanksgiving at my Dad's. I won't say anything negative (awkward pause).

It was good to hang out with family, though. We don't get to see Dad, Terree, Grandma, Bobbie and Corky together very often.

Thanksgiving was also our 4th anniversary. We celebrated the following Saturday with a perfect date. A perfect day, actually. Every once in a while we are smiled upon with one of those. We are grateful. Ha ha, suckers! You thought we went to a beautiful place to celebrate. No, this is from 2004 in Argentina. You don't see a lot of pictures of just the two of us very often, so I had to dig.

And here is a random shot of Isaac helping me re-discover the winnings of last year's after-Christmas sales. This hat fit him as a newborn; now it just kind of sits on the top of his head. Aren't you proud of him for saying "cheese"? I am.

On Sunday he somehow knew it was testimony meeting before anyone else. He kept saying loudly "I want a testimony!"

He always makes for good entertainment at church. Did I say good? Well, he keeps everyone around him smiling. The baby was kicking while he was on my lap, so I thought I'd point it out to him. Instead of watching my belly, he transfered himself to Jared's lap, repeating the question, "does Daddy have a baby?" Of course, after some smiles he felt encouraged and concluded "Daddy has a baby" with a sly grin. Over and over. Not whispering. You get the picture.

Now he likes to greet us with "Hi, Mommy (or Daddy), how are you doing? What's your name?"


Wendy said...

Ooh, this could be fun with the whole "communicating without really extending any effort" thing. Maybe we could hang out with Carina too. Of course, you are both ready to explode with baby, so maybe not. We'll just have to make some visits, I suppose. That's the advantage of not being great with child (or not even good with child...shoot I'd say we're pretty bad with(out) child, actually).

Trace Gibson said...

I'm feelin' ya with that "awkward pause" for your Thanksgiving celebration...sorry you had to endure that nonsense without your big bullying sister there to defend you (um, well to defend US). I feel terrible to be reminded that I totally forgot/did nothing for you guys' anniversary!!! I'm am in SO MUCH TROUBLE! When can I give you guys a date night and keep Isaac? Oh my crappy sisterness! Thanks for the great church stories...really, the "I want a testimony" might be my favorite of all time!