Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catch Up: The Beach

The first exciting thing we did while Jared was gone waaaay back in July was go to Assateague Island and finally see the Atlantic Ocean. The boys had never been to the beach. It was so nice to be invited by good friends (whom we miss very much now) and just have a ball.

Crazy little thing called sand

Not tired.

Noah was way more into the sand than the water on the "fun" side of the island. That was where the crazy waves were. I even got a chance to forget the kids on shore and be a kid again myself there. I forgot how much I love swimming in the ocean!

Isaac enjoyed both sand and water.

On the "calm" side of the island, this poor sea turtle was about to lose a fin...and from Noah's face, you'd think he was losing one, too. I obviously had a good time, though.

Warm ups

Ellie and her new friend spent their time in the tent (genius)!

Isaac is one of "those" kids when pictures are being taken...he's totally distracting to those around him. But we do love these girls! Little angels, I tell you.

Between the two of us moms, we had 6 kids, two of which were newborns! It was so nice to have Lauren come with us to help. She's a cool young woman and a hilarious traveling companion.

On the day we arrived home, they are a bit more sunkissed than we'd planned. I didn't know sunscreen could be so tricky with little 'uns.

That evening, Brian (and Camille) came up and visited one last time. They are always so much fun (and so helpful...Noah was determined to disappear under the pew during church the next morning)!

The swimming hole was our closest "beach" and we had countless picnics there.

This was supposed to be a picture...

Where are we?

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Sunnysupra said...

What a hilarious post! I love it!"We're here" and the "picture"video..Genious! So funny! You and I are kindred souls La- I too LOVE the ocean... How funny are those kiddos and the happy picture of you swimming while they're crying/screaming...lol. Got a real kick out of this, thanks. love n miss ya'll