Friday, November 12, 2010

Visit from Grandma Toni

Still catching up, my mom came out to visit the day after Jared left for COT. The last time she came was just in May, but this visit was very timely and helpful.

Of course we took her to picnic at the swimming hole.

We even visited the local buffalo farm at Morris Meadows.

The only really big thing we planned to do was go to Washington D.C. on the day of the Restoring Honor rally. We knew it would be challenging. It was.
It wasn't as packed where we were right by the Lincoln Memorial...we found out soon that this was because there were no speakers facing us. We didn't dare try to navigate the throng with the stroller, though, so there we stayed and strained (our ears).

Ellie, of course, exceeded all expectations.

But this was not an uncommon sight.

They were grateful for every opportunity to act like monkeys.

It was more of a sacrifice than anything, but it was really cool to be there and to see so many different people all together, caring about our country. Not a lot of kids; we were hailed by many as "brave." I think we were.

On the bus ride home, Ellie fell asleep in my arms, a rare moment. Poor girl. We were all so hot and thirsty and tired...and then there was rush hour in DC.

This was a "before" shot. We were so excited to be going! You don't really want to know what we all looked like afterward. Oh, those poor people at Pizza Hut on the way home....

Anyway, there's a look at Mom's visit. We were so happy she could come and help and play with us!

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