Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mom's, Climbing & La Costa- Aug 10

We returned to Mom's where we had some "farm time"--Noah enjoys helping feed the chickens and gather eggs. Here, he is with a bucket full of plums and a bucket empty of...whatever he put out for the chickens...? He's showing how very unbalanced he is.
 I also love this very characteristic view of Mom's back porch in the summer. There's one of her peach trees, completely full; towels hanging up from the last dip in the pool or hot tub; and you can see the huge sauna she recently added up there.

One thing we love to do if we get a chance in Utah is go climbing. They are blessed with an abundance of climbing gyms there (and mountains, if we wanted to get all rugged, but we don't have all the equipment). We had a ball at Momentum and the sister gym next door, Funtopia, for the kids!

That evening we had dinner at Mom and Danny's new favorite Mexican restaurant, La Costa.

I can see why they love that place! The food was excellent, and there was live music--good music!

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