Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Salt Lake City (again!) - Aug 12

We had enough of a taste of Temple Square to know that we reeeeeally wanted to get back there and spend more time, if it was possible. And it was!

One of the first places we went into was the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (formerly known as the Hotel Utah)--

 I love how the temple spires just take your breath away from this view! There was no way to see both temple and children with one picture, but, believe me, those views were relished.
 We wandered around the building, enjoying the sights and rich rooms while we waited for the next movie to begin--a "Meet the Mormons" feature not in the released-edition of the movie.
Noah's idea of a good picture is hiding behind the prophet.

When we found the Family Search room for kids, it was hard to tear them away for the movie!

It was funny to see all these unknowingly-bold kids in Salt Lake City with their BYU shirts on in Ute country. They all wanted to wear them; I didn't object (after all, it was Jared who went to U of U; my alma mater is BYU alone)!
Next, we headed to the Conference Center, that beautiful building where General Conference is broadcast twice a year. There, we waited for a tour and Noelle met up with us.
They kept singing "automatically dead" with that poor wheelchair for some reason.
The kids loved the tour, which was tailored for our needs, being that we had some hungry kids by the time we started.
 The view from the top of the Conference Center. Beautiful Salt Lake City!
 After our picnic in the shadow of the Church Office Building, we went over to the Family History Museum. We had been there briefly the previous Saturday and we knew we had to go back. Even the gift shop is fun.
 More of the Family History Museum...

Definitely a good day; time well-spent!

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mama laney said...

Oh, how I wish I could have been there the same week you were and shared in all these wonderful adventures! Thank you for posting all the pics! Love and miss you guys! <3