Monday, December 5, 2016

More Aug 11 Adventures

We went to Provo again to visit some of our old haunts.  The first place we went was our old house (well, William Brown's house)! Soooo many memories of our first years of parenting are based on this house. I brought home a brand new Isaac to that house; then a brand new Noah. This was the driveway where Isaac chipped his first tooth (he's done more dental damage since). We spent countless hours exploring this yard together, he and I. He's grown a bit since then!
We spent some time at BYU, this time taking in the Museum of Art and its store, and the Wilkinson Center and the BYU bookstore. We ate lunch in the Cougareat just like old times! With all we saw and did (including eating Creamery ice cream, getting super sticky, and loosing Ellie & Noah for a half hour while they didn't wash their hands), these are the only pictures I took:
And to top it off we had the Webbs over for dinner! Elder and Sister Webb, who were on their way home from the MTC as they prepared to go to the Congo on a mission (where they are now, having amazing adventures)!
 Playing in the backyard with them, showing off Mom's chickens and her two youngest grands.

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