Thursday, April 20, 2017

Christmas "Eve" 2016

The best part of our Christmas was having the Daddy home. Although everyone was happy to have him there again, no one doted on him more than Natalie.

 We had a nice dinner and made gingerbread houses that wouldn't stay up, but were pretty just the same.

We sang songs and did the usual traditions, including the star (flashlight) hunt all over the casa to hear different parts of the story of the Nativity.

The boys were a little too crazy to pose for a decent picture, but the girls obliged.

Silly boys.
 We we finally got around to opening presents, all eyes were on Natalie. It is so magical to see a little one discover Christmas wonders! I was super curious to see what Gerry sent home with me weeks before, so that's what I chose to open. I couldn't have been more surprised--a lap harp! Although, for some crazy reason, that thought had occurred to me.... I still am not proficient, but I think it's a darn cool instrument to have!
 Silly boys. They can be found like this at nearly any given time. And here is Natalie opening Bob & Tiffany's gift of play food. She LOVES it!
After much fun and shenanigans, we put the kiddies to bed with some old-fashioned Mom & Dad caroling in Spanish. Good times (for us padres)!

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