Sunday, April 2, 2017

Alabama in December, Pt 1

So...did I mention that we love our running club? We finished the year with them at the USATF National Championship in Alabaster, Alabama. It was a super fun road trip with all the vehicles full of happy, playful kiddos and all the adults enjoying the walkie talkies. Our road trips are usually more full of tears, so this was a nice change for us.

At the hotel, Natalie practiced her cuteness and Jared made the big kids wash their stinky feet.
At the expo the day before the race was held in Alabaster, Alabama. It just so happens that our good friends, the LaPaglias live just down the road from Alabaster. The kids and Jared ran the course the day before and Tony and Gerry met us there. It was great to see them again!

 Then they took us out to lunch at the Cracker Barrel. The fire was lovely and the food was delicious, but of course, the company was the best.
Race day was cold and exciting. Jared enjoyed taking lots of pictures throughout the race while I stayed with Natalie and the LaPaglias near the start/finish line and the humongous playground.

 The starting line for every each group was daunting. Soooo many kids! Here's Noah's age group getting ready to start:

Noah, working hard, toward the end of his race
 And Isaac's race...
More on this trip in the next post!

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