Thursday, April 27, 2017

Science at the School of Laney

So, I have to skip ahead today. I know we haven't even gotten to New Year's on the blog, but the kiddos had to present their science research and the Internet's the only way to do it right. I did try to text their videos to the aunts and grandparents that were the intended targets of this Knowledge Fest, but the files were just too dag-blasted large. Spoiler alert: we started homeschooling!

This month, we were learning about so many sea creatures, it was awesome. But the kids all had more questions about certain ones--questions that take more research and time. So, we decided to make a project out of it. We checked out books and did internet searches, watched videos and even went to the beach (yeah, that's why homeschool rocks)!  Toward the end, we lost our momentum, but we finally finished yesterday, so it must be presented.

Ellie: Jellies
Ellie was originally interested in just jellyfish, but some of the books she read got her interested in all things jelly, so she went all out. She made some drawings and the bulletin board was her choice of backboard. Here is her video presentation: 


Isaac: Whales
Isaac had originally been researching clams, but, after a few days, he decided clams weren't as exciting to do a whole project he switched to whales. After much ado about which animal to do, he pulled this Power Point off in a single afternoon. However, if you want to view the slide show, you have to get an invite for Key Note Live. Sorry, I tried every way I could, but the photos of slides wouldn't upload. Boo. Send me your email if you want an invite.

Noah: Sharks
Noah wanted to do sharks; he didn't change that. He wanted to make a video; he didn't change that. And he wanted to have it on a poster; he didn't change that, either. However, after a zillion half-starts, the only video that got finished was not to his liking...but we weren't going to change it. So, it's not as perfect as he would like. Blogger is unable to upload both videos, so I'll put it in the next post. Here's some of his pictures:

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Noelle Maes said...

WOW! I can't wait to show Atticus! He has been LOVING sea creatures and I am beyond impressed by the video and pictures. Can I please get a keynote invite at

Where have I BEEN? I have missed so many awesome posts?!?!