Monday, April 3, 2017

Alabama in December, Pt. 2

One nice thing about having a young group of runners is: you don't have to wait all day for everyone to finish! While the teenagers were out racing, we made our escape, avoiding traffic and heading toward a celebratory lunch next door to our hotel.

 Of course, we had to get some team pictures in front of the hotel Christmas tree. Mostly silly pictures....
That afternoon the kiddos enjoyed one another's company while the parents relaxed or caught up on sleep. That night there was a party for Jonathon, one of our team members who's a great runner and ran on his birthday, away from home. There was food, drinks, and even a big-screen showing of the new Jungle Book movie.

We said our goodbyes that night because the next morning the rest of the team was driving home; the Laneys stayed to sleep in, have breakfast, check out and go to church with Tony and Gerry. We could only stay an hour with them because we had another destination: Madison, Alabama! Before we left, Tony loaded our already-full car with Christmas gifts...big ones!

Then we headed up to Madison to see Trace and the rest of the Gibsons. These cousins had such a blast together; it was like trying to fit a couple of years into a few hours-- I think they did it! They love each other so much. And Natalie was a hit with all of the Gibsons. Trace was particularly stealthy about getting Natalie to like her immediately: spoonfuls of Nutella did the trick.
Natalie enjoyed the dog. The kids share a love of Minecraft.
Uncle David is always fun to hang out with! Lucky he lives in Madison, too!
Getting the cousin together for a group pic was hilarious.

Lots of toys and gifts at Aunt Traci's.
We left early Monday morning and drove all day. Texas gave us a beautiful sunset before we were home.

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