Tuesday, April 11, 2017


We had a memorable holiday season this year. Instead of celebrating Christmas on December 25, we waited for Jared to get home and celebrated December 31st. It made for more partying, actually.

The cute grandkids of our next-door neighbors came out to socialize on Christmas Eve during the day...already in their pajamas. 

We celebrated Hanukkah and had some latkes on Christmas Eve.
After church on Christmas Day, Natalie was asleep in the car and the kids were so cute, I had to take a few pictures.
These jokers!
I added some decorations to the house on PicMonkey...since the kids say we're boring....
That evening, our good friends, the Redds, invited us to dinner at their house.
Such good times. And such good potato salad...Chilean style! And that was how we spent Christmas, the first time around.

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