Monday, March 20, 2017

Field trip and Regionals--3rd Weekend of November

Natalie and I got to chaperone the 3rd graders' field trip to the Witte Museum. It was fun to hang out with Noah and his best friend, Jayden.

The next day was the event the boys had been looking forward to for weeks: regionals in Lockhart, Texas. They wanted to see if they would qualify to go to nationals in Alabama in December. Only the top 8 could go, and guess what? They both made it! They were pretty excited. The entire team did well!
Afterward, we celebrated with the team at a barbecue restaurant in a surprise party for a team member (the coaches' daughter, Mikala). Good times and good food! I wish we'd gotten a picture of her cake--it was a Swift team cake, full of running pictures. Great weekend--and Jared got to be there for it!

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