Thursday, March 9, 2017

Isaac's 11th Birthday

Isaac has actually reached the Harry Potter I Age. His birthday was on a Thursday, so we got him up early so he could open his presents before school.

Here's our very sleepy Birthday Boy--

That night we had a mini celebration with just the family (except Jared, who was in El Paso), knowing his party was the next night.
 Friday night came and Isaac had two friends--Cody and Avery--join us for laser tag. His original idea was to do a big nerf gun battle at the park, but this was so easy, and there would be no lost bullets! The perfect activity.

 They all piled on the motorcycle at the arcade. Then we went and had pizza at our house and all was merry.
 Happy Birthday, Little I!!

Since he's 11 now, we have finally convinced him to wash his face regularly. As you can see, he's very maturely complying, starting with this facial mask he found in his mother's bathroom.

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