Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thankful for Thanksgiving

We had many reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving. It would have been wonderful to have Jared home with us, but we were grateful for his good job in El Paso that was in need of him more than we were (our plan was simply to stuff our faces with him, while their plan was to have him see countless patients who needed a medical provider willing and we let him go).

Our wonderful friends, the MacBeths, invited us for Thanksgiving again. They provided the entire meal, which was super delish--Joe's a gourmet cook. They let us bring a little pie, so I made cherry and apple.
We were joined by the Haslams, another awesome family who we just love. Plus, they're half-Canadian like me, so what's not to like? The kids all had a blast.
 Of course, when I tried to document how much fun they were having, I became a target....

Natalie was pretty much ready for a nap by the time "dinner" started, but we did our best. These pictures don't do justice to the beauty of that meal (nor the taste)....
Between eating and eating some more, we played Exploding Kittens, among other things, and it was great fun--especially because Valarie Haslam is hilarious and kept cracking me up. Then the pie was served and it was beautiful!

You want to know something else that was beautiful? This:
Jared had to be away for our anniversary (Nov 22), but before he left, he made what might be my most favorite cheesecake to date in honor of that special date. The sad part is, he had to leave before it got a chance to cool, so he never got a bite. All he got was this picture, which proved how much we loved it--it didn't last long after that! Jared is my favorite cheesecake baker.

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