Monday, March 6, 2017

Princess E

My little 6 and a half year old is SO much: so much fun, so much creativity, so much help, so much personality, so much drama, so much girl, so much toughness. She's incredible.

Here she is in October 2016.

One day her friend was over and I didn't hear them playing anymore. Wondering what they were up to, I went looking for them. I found them outside, dressed up and eating a very well-planned Princess Picnic. Cuties.

This girl loves to have her picture taken. She's almost always ready.
(However, if she's not ready and you take her picture, she'll find a way to exact her revenge...). 

Her art projects are so prolific and important to her! It's hard to keep everything, but I feel better if we take a picture first. I used to try to take pictures of all art projects, but I'm behind now (huge understatement).
Sometimes she shows us what an emotional roller coaster she lives on and she'll say that this day (every day) is the worst day of her life. But, for what it's worth, usually it's only been a few hours (or minutes) since she said it was the best day of her life. Poor girl! But I like to document the good times for her to at least have some good memories. Love that girl!

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