Thursday, March 9, 2017

We "Meet" Again in Houston

Heheh, you know you loved the wordplay in that title!

So, this trip to Houston was better than the first. 1) We knew a little better what to expect. 2) We got to stay in a much better hotel. 3) We got to take the Daddy with us! I was able to concentrate on my fellow cheerleader a bit while Jared took pictures.
 Natalie spent some quality time with the dog of a teammate. Noah spent some quality time with...pine cones!

 Isaac jumped in to run a little bit with Ellie. Not sure that's entirely legal, but we didn't get in trouble.
 Some seriously tired kiddos accompanied us home! That's just the way we like it, especially if they're quiet. That's Noah's foot in front of Ellie...??

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