Saturday, September 10, 2016

Celebrating in Early Fall

The beginning of fall in 2015 was full of fun things to celebrate.

Celebrating the Riverdancer!

A friend's birthday at Chuck E Cheese
Another birthday party at Fiesta Farms
Caden's birthday at the skating rink
Celebrating Halloween early

Celebrating cuteness
...and this block thingy you made me photograph
Celebrating successful [though unwanted] nap times!
Even just having "Time" with Mom at Orange Leaf!
Surprise! Mom and Baby are the only ones home during the day.

We can also surprise you at lunchtime if you had a bad day the day before!

1 comment:

Noelle Maes said...

Bah ha ha ha! "This block thingy..." Hilarious.
I had forgotten the Noah lunch. Just the sweetest.