Sunday, September 4, 2016

Kamas July 2015

There are few places we love more than Kamas. In July 2015 we had the opportunity to go for a family reunion and stay at Grandpa Wagstaff's house. Since our computer crashed, the only pictures we have left are the ones we actually posted on Facebook. Thank goodness for that!

The kids loved being in that old house and discovering all its nooks and relics. They thoroughly enjoyed every bit of that experience!

It was wonderful to spend so much time with their Great Grandpa, and an added bonus was having their Grandma and Grandpa Laney as well as Uncle Steve stay there, too. The time went by so fast, but they climbed everything they could! And we took some walks and runs all over the area. In addition, we played with cousins, second cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandparents. Such great memories! Grandpa Laney even brought a tent for the kids to camp out in the back yard, complete with his famous Samurai ghost stories.
Noah enjoyed the random toys from kids now-grown

Isaac climbed lots of trees. Once he fell...quite far. It left him windless and scratched.

The barn, no longer used for milking cows, was the site of our movie night.

So much good stuff to discover!

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Ellie with cows, Dad and Charlotte (second cousin)!

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