Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Easter Saturday 2016

Our neighborhood did an egg hunt and we were actually able to make it, so we went! The kids all woke up to brand new bikes--their big surprise of the season--so they were only too happy to ride them down to the Sports Park.

Noah got one of the winning eggs, which entitled him to a gift card to a frozen yogurt joint--yippee! Natalie bonded with a friend/neighbor of ours who seems to be a baby whisperer. Everyone enjoyed it and there was only minimal drama at the beginning from a little girl who was freaking out about not being quite ready to ride her bike without someone right beside her. There were animals to pet and breakfast to eat, so she got over it pretty quickly.

Not long afterward, we headed to Government Canyon for a free kids' race we had just heard about.

I think it's safe to say that we rocked it.

Lucky for us, there were two heats. Our friends, who had arrived on time, were already racing when we got there. It worked out beautifully, because they won prizes in their heat and we won prizes in ours. No bitter competition among our ambitious children!

First, Isaac came barreling down the trail with some high school kid who was just checking on his brother--Isaac took his competition very seriously and narrowly beat him. I actually thought the kid was helping coach or encourage Isaac, but nope. Isaac was helping himself.

Right afterward came Noah, killing all the rest of the competition for several minutes. He fell at the end from giving it his all. They each got to choose a little creature given from the rangers as a prize, and they had nifty hand-made "medals."

The 3 winners of the boys' race
 One older girl beat Ellie, but she beat all the rest! I wish you could zoom in on the picture on the right to see her happy face-- just content, confident. Perhaps it's because the boy behind her was crying.
 Nothing like a tiny, non-publicized race to boost some siblings spirits about running. Of course, they'll still be siblings (see picture on the right). Great Easter Saturday!

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Noelle Maes said...

This is so cool! What an awesome Easter! New bikes, winners in a race without losing/jeopardizing a friendship, handmade medals... ;)
I didn't know about any of that. Way to go, kiddos! And way to make it happen, Momma!