Saturday, September 17, 2016

What Could be Lovelier?

It's kind of random, but there were some loverly things of note in January-February:

Natalie in her walker. Now that was lovely. Except when she'd run over everyone's toes! That was just hilarity.
Natalie gets AROUND! Helping with dishes here...
 Noah-turned-old-man. He looks curiously like Mr. Fredrickson from Up. That must be why they all insist on sliding down the banister.
100th Day of School, a.k.a. "Dress Like You're Old" Day.

We also THOROUGHLY enjoyed hosting a Princess Bride party. We found out our friends had never seen it, so we invited them over as well as another family for a movie night, Man in Black style.
Signs for dusted brownies, jelly beans, chocolate rocks, and peanut butter treats
Signs for chips and salsa, cheetos and the bathroom as well as other wall decorations.
This shindig was just in time for Valentine's season, but we promise it's not a "kissing book!"

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