Monday, September 5, 2016

La Casa de Papa Brough

After the Kamas reunion was over, we cleaned up, packed up and said our goodbyes...and headed over the mountains to Plain City. Because that's where Papa Brough lives!

Dad & Terree live in what we describe as a little piece of heaven. They have a comfortable house, with all the games and activities that grandchildren adore. Add to that a lush and fun backyard, Terree's fabulous cooking and Dad's wonderful music, and you have yourself a recipe for an awesome time. We even went boating, which is a "must-do" with Daddy Brough.

Here are the only picture I have left:
Dane, Noelle and Atticus joined in on the fun. They are Dad's most frequent visitors!

Fun times trying to surf, swim and survey.

Sliding sleeping and more surveying. Noah and Miley got along great!

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