Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Babies and their Bikes (and other vehiculars)

These kids love their wheels. It has been so much fun watching Ellie this year as she has literally taken off on her bike. Granted, she did knock down a defenseless little boy on her way to school a few weeks ago, but she's much more careful now. And I remember when Isaac first learned to Ripstik; he kept at it and he's amazing. Noah learned soon afterward.

Here is Ellie in February. On the left is at the skate park, which the kids love to go to (the only ones under 13). On the right is one of her last bike lessons with Jared.
Ellie learn to ride independently just in time to participate in the Kindergarten Bike Rodeo. 'Twas a proud moment.

The boys also participated in the Bike Rodeo...and both won first place in their grade! I am ashamed to say that I was quite surprised. That school had like 1200 kids in it! Ellie was very supportive for the picture and insisted that Isaac display his trophy from a previous year's bike rodeo as well.

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mama laney said...

Congrats on all the Bike trophies; you've got some super riders there!