Wednesday, September 14, 2016

November & December Happenings 2015

Well, let's see what I have in my picture stash. Not much! I will not remember anything besides these pictures--sad.

There was that one time Jared got an interview at NEOMED in Ohio and he brought the kids back souvenirs but, because of work and school, they got their gifts before they got to see their dad.
Souvenirs from Kirtland, Ohio. "Thanks, Dad!"
Ellie got a pioneer bonnet and a spoon doll kit; Isaac got a real quill and ink; Noah got a model of the Kirtland temple to put together; we all got horehound candy!

I do remember the landscaping around Thanksgiving. We did Phase One. It made such a difference and we were super excited for the phase to begin, but we had to build a shed first. More on that later. Those pictures are gone, though.

Then we had the Kids Rock run, which was fun. We have some amazing coaches we are blessed to know!
It was a chilly, fun morning at the Sea World parking lot.
Can you spot all the Laney kids?

There was a neighborhood Christmas party, complete with breakfast, artificial snow, and Santa Claus.

Then Christmas really came,
and we got some of the coolest presents ever. Here are a couple from Uncle Bob and Aunt Tiffany that really hit the mark.

Every passion of Noah Grey was included in this wonderful book!
I love how serious he is about these things.

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