Thursday, September 8, 2016

Just Like That

Summer was winding down and we knew it. There were a few things we needed to take time for, just once more--to feel like we were ready to say goodbye to summer 2015.
Time for one last family trip to Six Flags before the water park closed.

Time for headstands and swimming and Legos with Dad.

Time for a Scorpions game, complete with autographs at the end.

 And just like that, one of the best summers on record ended.
Class Lists were posted

Meet the Teacher night came and went (but only Noah got a picture)

 This is Ellie's first year at Krueger. Three of my kids in one school! That will only happen 2 for years. Then Babycakes became an only child during the day.
We would take advantage of our new situation by going running to the pool, where we'd go swimming; then we ran home again.

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