Sunday, October 9, 2016

6 on the 6th Science Party

So...if you invite your entire kindergarten class, they might all come (nearly). Beware the danger of having everyone's friendship when it comes time to party on your mom's dime.

Ellie is a planner. She knows exactly what she wants and how it should look, and since she's also somewhat of an artist, it can be difficult to please her detail-loving eye. But I'm learning. This party was exactly what she wanted, right down to the pictures that had to be on the cake. It was a science party with a sub-theme of Shopkins, since it's all the rage with little girls.

What you can't plan on is a zillion people showing up when only a few RSVP'd, especially when half of the expected guests didn't even RSVP until the day of the party. I thought I had even siblings covered; I was wrong. It was chaotic, but wonderful! Ellie loves her friends and her friends love Ellie. She made some fun memories of turning six on May 6, 2016.

 The kids came in and made their name badges and created science labs with sticker scenes.
 We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey petri dish-style. I'm convinced that all but one cheated.
 After failing an outside experiment (it was just too crazy to get anyone to hold a string for balloon rockets and everyone wanted to jump on the trampoline), we came inside and did the Shopkins Eggsperiment.
 Baking soda and vinegar. The kids love the fizzing!
 Ellie got the coolest gifts--everyone seemed to be in touch with her favorite things (creativity/art, Shopkins, Barbies, and playing in the water)! She started coloring one of the projects while everyone else was eating pizza.
 Can't believe my oldest girl is six!

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