Thursday, October 20, 2016

Can't Stop Us

Imagine us in early June, 2016. Technically, school's out. But actually, we never stop learning around here. There is little time to waste. Even when relaxing, these kids are usually reading or watching something educational. I love how they're like little sponges when it comes to topics that interest them! It was nearly all summer that I debated whether to let them go back to public school, or teach them at home. Public school won this time, mostly because Isaac's in 5th grade and that comes with lots of fun opportunities.

Here they are learning on Khan Academy.

Teaching Natalie how to comb her hair??

As far as Ellie is concerned, it's always time for art.

Isaac is the only one who didn't take the summer off for piano.

It's not always easy to keep Babycakes busy, but it's possible.

Don't forget P.E. They all participated in several track meets!

These are the two items Ellie was most proud of in June!

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