Sunday, October 30, 2016

Finally: Visitors!

In July, Jared's cousin, Daniel married an awesome girl from the Austin area. We were delighted to meet her at their Texas reception at her parents' house. Daniel's parents were there, too: Karl and Debber, a.k.a. some of our favorite people ever. And guess what? They came to San Antonio to play with us the next couple of days!

They wanted to see the beach, so we took them to Padre Island and had us a ball. This may be the first time the kids have seen their Dad swim in the ocean (we usually have all the fun while he's at work)!


Karl and Debbie. They're the coolest!

My new favorite picture.

I love the many happy faces of this girl; so hard to choose!

Super bright day!
 We spent the next day downtown at the Alamo, then at the riverwalk. We took the tour, then ate lunch at the oldest restaurant on the riverwalk (Mexican and delicious). We wandered around shopping a little while and then parted ways. So glad they came!
Karl and Debbie on the riverboat tour.

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