Sunday, October 23, 2016

Splash Pad

A new splash pad opened in San Antonio (Pearsall Park) and we went there twice in 2 weeks with 3 sets of friends! Picnics, water play, ziplines and slides along with lots of friends is a recipe for fun!

 However,  sometimes fun comes at a price. One our first day at the splash pad, there were a lot of kids on the slide with Ellie and Noah. They were doing a train of sorts, and somebody slammed Noah's head into Ellie's eye. She complained of pain at the time, but it looked normal. Then the next day we saw this (left picture). The next day it was a little more colorful (see right pics). It was beautiful and sad at once. My poor girl!


Noelle Maes said...

What?! I had no idea about this! Poor Elle-belle. 🤕 Ouch!

mama laney said...

That is quite a shiner!