Friday, October 14, 2016

More May 2016

A couple of last notes about May...

On Memorial Day, we went with the Cub Scouts to Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery to place flags on the graves. It was astounding to see how many graves were at this one cemetery. The boys enjoyed the experience and we all appreciated just a little more: with what cost our freedoms were bought. Of course, we never found our group until the very end when we were all done placing flags, so we had to take some pictures then.

Pool season is here! It's always a good sign if you've tuckered this little lady out. She has a passion for the water! I suppose we all do. We wish they'd never close the neighborhood pools.

We have zoo passes, and we finally went! This was the last time we went before they expired in September. So, it must be documented: We had fun seeing the animals. Our zoo membership was inspired by Noah and his love of animals, especially cheetahs.
And that's May. Thanks for bring us flowers and such, May!

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