Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Pleasant Transformation

Isaac and Noah share a room; they have since Noah was a year old. This causes a lot of blame to be thrown around when it's time to assess the mess. Isaac has gone through a couple of stages where he's meticulous about having everything be neat in his room; these stages don't last very long and the rest of the time their room is pretty messy.

A the beginning of the summer (2016), I got so disgusted with how bad their room had gotten that I took a bunch of pictures from every angle, asking that they do some cleaning to make a difference in at least one of those areas. I know how overwhelming it can get when a place is this messy, so I didn't require perfection; just for them to make a dent.
But really, it was so bad. I tried to help here and there, but not enough progress was made to take new pictures. 

Then one day two months later, Isaac got busy. He got that determined look in his eye and spent hours in there. He had some help from his minion, Noah. There was more than just picking up and putting away going on, though. There was a major transformation. They rearranged the furniture; they put stuff up on the walls, they organized the books and the desk and the toys...even the closet.

I don't know what possessed me to only take two "after" pictures, but here they are:
We were pleasantly surprised when we opened that door! I found out later that Isaac had stolen nails and push pins from all over the house to put some stuff up...and since he couldn't find the hammer, he had used a shoe to drive in his nails. What a resourceful lad (he could've just asked but he wanted to be independent)!

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mama laney said...

Bravo to the Boys for being so responsible -- what an amazing transformation! Now if only it could stay that way for more than a day, right? But perhaps with them having put the effort into it themselves, they might take a little pride in trying to keep it neat....Great job! <3